Demystifying recycling for sustainable cities.

Mission Statement

S'ity, short for sustainable city, was created to visualize the journey and impacts of our waste through the lens of recycling. Today, our waste system is fragmented; neither consumers, recycling facilities, or recycling mills–those who buy recyclables–really know where material is coming from or going to! S’ity hopes to bridge that gap, communicating the story of waste to people at home and in industries. What is the hidden cost of waste and where does our waste really end up? S’ity’s ultimate mission is to empower people to keep waste localized and live with the principle “waste=food,” meaning that the materials we use should generate positive effects on humans and environmental health. One’s waste is food for another.

Our Stance on Recycling

We believe that recycling is an entry point to learning about the global waste system. Recycling properly is one way you can start to make a positive impact in your city and to keep waste out of the landfill. However, we believe that using materials that the earth can safely absorb, reusing, and composting – in short keeping waste local and choosing the least energy intensive journey – is the ultimate goal.