How to recycle paper.

  1. Step 1

    Ensure the paper is dry.

    Stack of dry paper.
  2. Notice

    The paper must be no smaller than 3" x 5" and no larger than 24" x 36".

    Sheet of 24 by 36 inch paper.
  3. Notice

    Shredded paper, napkins, tissues, or paper towels cannot be recycled.

    Napkins and shredded paper.
  4. Notice

    The paper must not have adhesive or waterproof coatings.

    Paper with adhesive and waterproof coatings.
  5. Done!

    Place the carton into a recycling bin.

    Blue recycling bin.
  6. Caution

    Do not place recycling in plastic bags.

    Plastic bag.

What happens next?

Section coming soon…